Campus COVID-19 Return-to-Workplace Efforts

Campus COVID-19 Return-to-Workplace Efforts

Status by Category

HVAC Systems

  • ALL Campus HVAC fans have been thoroughly cleaned.
  • ALL Campus HVAC fans have MERV 15 filters installed.
  • All Campus HVAC fans with occupancy schedules have been extended to allow for 1 hour pre and post occupancy run times (5 a.m. to 11 p.m.) 7 days per week.
  • ALL bathroom exhaust fans have been profiled and are compliant with ASHRAE Std 62.2 (50 CFM per W.C./Urinal).
  • ALL laboratory ceiling hung fan coil unit (FCU) filters have been changed to MERV-13 filters.
  • ALL elevator shaft exhaust fans have been checked for proper operation.
  • ALL Variable Air Volume (VAV) return air fan system programs have been modified to allow for maximum outdoor air with economizer programs disabled.

Plumbing Systems

  • ALL Campus potable and non-potable plumbing systems in un-occupied spaces (emergency shower/eye wash, ice machines, kitchenettes and bathrooms) are being flushed weekly to avoid legionella.
  • ALL Campus bathroom fixtures (sinks and toilets) are in process of being converted to touchless technology.

Capital Construction

  • All non-critical capital construction has been paused and shifted to next fiscal year. Exceptions include IID laboratory renovations, SPH2 air handler renewal, Environmental room(s) renewal, and Shattuck Int’l House renewal.


  • All Shuttle services outside of the M2 and Chestnut hill services are running regularly to assist with physical distancing.
    • If you are a Chestnut Hill Parker and you have questions regarding your new parking assignment/location, please reach out to our Parking Office.
    • The M2 is operating on a reduced schedule. Every 30 Minutes, from 6:45AM until 7:15PM. Buses will depart from both Vanderbilt Hall and Lamont Library every 30 minutes on the :15’s and :45’s.
    • After 7:15PM, the normal hourly evening service will resume. The Coolidge Corner trips will remain normal at this time. Saturday service will remain normal at this time.

(Please make sure to check the TransLoc app for any updated information, and for real time updates on the routes.)

More Info: MASCO