New Courses

RafaIrizarryThree new courses are being introduced this year, plus Professor Rafa Irizarry continued to roll out new modules in his HarvardX course, PHX525, Data Analysis for Genomics, over the spring and into the summer. The purpose of this course is to enable students to analyze and interpret data generated by modern genomics technology, specifically microarray data and next generation sequencing data. It focuses on applications common in public health and biomedical research: measuring gene expression differences between populations, associated genomic variants to disease, measuring epigenetic marks such as DNA methylation, and transcription factor binding sites. The course covers the necessary statistical concepts needed to properly design experiments and analyze the high dimensional data produced by these technologies.  

Check out a list of past and soon-to-be announced future modules.

New courses included:  

Introduction to Biostatistics and Epidemiology, taught by Brian Healy (PhD ’07), is the new month-long introductory course designed for the Epi blended MPH program, and started in June. 

A new blended Biostat-Epid introductory course designed for MPH students is currently under development by Associate Professor Kim Gauvreau (ScD ’92) and Nina Paynter of the Department of Epidemiology. We will be offering this course in Fall 2015 instead of BIO200.

In Spring 2016, Rafa will present a course on Introduction to Health Data Science, the first course of the health data science series. This new course will build on the very popular undergraduate Data Science course he has taught at FAS for the past two years, and also incorporate materials from his HarvardX course, Data Analysis for Genomics.