Dissertation Defense Schedule

April 28
Building 2, Room 426  |  2:00pm
Patrick Staples
Committee Chair: JP Onnela
Networks and Statistical Approaches in Biological Contexts  

May 2
Kresge 202A  |  10:00am
Godwin Yung
Committee Chair: Xihong Lin
Statistical Methods for Analyzing Genetic Sequencing Association Studies

May 9
Kresge 202A  |  12:00pm
Baoluo Sun
Committee Chair: Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen
Semi-Parametric Methods for Missing Data and Causal Inference

May 10
Building 2, Room 426 |  1:30pm
Abhishek Chakrabortty
Committee Chair: Tianxi Cai
Robust Semi-Parametric Inference in Semi-Supervised Settings

May 10
FXB Building, Room G11 |  1:00pm
Yared Gurmu
Committee Chair: Dr. Victor DeGruttola 
Modeling and Estimation of Patterns of Relationship Formation and Dissolution