New Health Effects Institute Award

9BD910B2-548E-47A6-BA2C-3192B6CA57F0Congratulations to Francesca Dominici and Antonella Zanobetti (PI and co-PI) for being awarded a new HEI grant for their project on “Assessing Adverse Health Effects of Long-Term Exposure to Low Levels of Ambient Pollution.”

Brent Coull, Joel Schwartz, Petros Koutrakis, Cory Zigler, and Christine Choirat will also be involved with the project.

Please see a summary below.

Previous epidemiological analyses of claims data have provided strong evidence of the adverse health effects of air pollution. Yet, significant gaps in knowledge remain, particularly with regard to the health effects of long-term exposure to lower levels of air pollution. We will develop: 1) hybrid prediction models to estimate long-term exposure to low levels of air pollution for the continental US during the period of 2000-2014 and link these predictions to health data; 2) methods for casual inference to estimate exposure response curve; 3) tools for data access and reproducibility. A unique feature of these analyses is that they can be conducted routinely every few years as new claims data become available and can be used to track effectiveness of regulatory actions and mitigation strategies over time. These contributions will yield groundbreaking evidence essential for supporting cost-effective regulations.