30 Year Celebration of Dersimonian/Laird Paper

This year marked the 30th anniversary since publication of the landmark paper “Meta-Analysis in Clinical Trials” by Rebecca DerSimonian (PhD ¹83) & Nan Laird (1986, Controlled Clinical Trials 7, 177-188). … Continue reading “30 Year Celebration of Dersimonian/Laird Paper”

JP Onnela – Paper on New Research Platform

Assistant Professor JP Onnela, with colleagues Jeanette Lorme, Matthew Kiang, and John Torous published a paper last week on “New Tools for New Research in Psychiatry: A Scalable and Customizable Platform to … Continue reading “JP Onnela – Paper on New Research Platform”

Alumni News: Published Paper

Cassandra Arroyo-Johnson, PhD ‘2003 (first author) and Melody Goodman, PhD ‘2006 are authors on a paper entitled “Racial and Ethnic Heterogeneity in Self-Reported Diabetes Prevalence Trends Across Hispanic Subgroups, National Health … Continue reading “Alumni News: Published Paper”

JSM Student Paper Competition Winner

PhD Student Georgia Papadogeorgou has been selected as one of the winners of the 2016 JSM Student Paper Competition for her paper Towards Adjustment for Completely Unobserved Confounding.   As part of … Continue reading “JSM Student Paper Competition Winner”