Zoom 5 is here – upgrade today!

April 30th, 2020

A new version of Zoom (Zoom 5.0.4) is now available for upgrade that makes significant security and usability improvements.  Zoom 5 will become required for all Zoom customers as of May 28th.

We strongly encourage all of our Zoom users to upgrade today to take advantage of the new features!

A more detailed description of the improvements in Zoom 5.0.1 may be found on Zoom’s blog.  Click below to read all about it:

How to Upgrade
To upgrade to Zoom 5.0.4, please select “Check for Updates” from the zoom.us menu on either the Mac or PC desktop client.

You may also click on “Update” if you see the banner below.

Alternatively, please visit Zoom’s download page to download the latest version of Zoom for any device, including mobile devices on iOS and Android.

Additional help:

  • If you need assistance with the Zoom upgrade, please contact HSPH IT by email at helpdesk@hsph.harvard.edu or by phone at 617-432-HELP(4357).
  • For pedagogical guidance on the use of Zoom, please contact the METS Team by email at mets@hsph.harvard.edu.


  • For general training on using Zoom, please visit the training page.