MAINTENANCE: Wasabi – 12/18/21 5:00pm – 12/20/21 12:00pm


The server upgrade is complete and everything has refreshed from the data warehouses properly.
All client applications are unlocked (Wasabi, Payroll Utility, …)
As a reminder, Journal transmit is disabled until after the break.
The data warehouses are not refreshing data between 12/24/2020 and 01/01/2021. Any reports run after 12/24 will yield the same results until after the refresh on the 1st.
Oracle G/L will not be accepting journals over the break until 7:00 am, Monday 01/04.


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The Wasabi database server will be upgraded beginning at 5:00 pm, Friday,  12/18. All Wasabi access will be disabled until 12:00pm, Sunday 12/20. If this process finishes early, Wasabi Support will send out an announcement.

If you have any questions, please contact the Wasabi Team using the Wasabi Help site or email

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