VDI Login Change: 1/13/23

Starting January 13, 2023, VDI users will enter their HarvardKey username and password FIRST, and respond to their DUO challenge SECOND, bringing the VDI login process in line with all other HarvardKey/DUO logins.

The process will look like this:

  • In the User Name field, type your HarvardKey User Name. (You may also use your NetID or “3+3”.)
  • In the Password field, type your HarvardKey Password.
  • Click Login to proceed to the DUO 2-Step Verification options.

Harvard Key Login

Enter 1, 2, or 3 in the Duo Options box, and click Login to use DUO by:
1. Pushing an authentication request to your smart phone. (Most common.)
2. Calling the phone number in your DUO profile.
3. Entering a 6 digit passcode from your DUO app.

DUO Options
DUO Options