Cross-Registration Dates

HSPH students can petition and enroll in cross-registered courses when:

  • the HSPH student enrollment period is open, as indicated in the HSPH Academic Calendar
  • AND the host cross-registered school’s enrollment period is open, as listed on the host school’s website and/or the Harvard course catalog site

To find cross-registration dates in the Harvard Course Catalog, select “Cross-Registration Dates” from the homepage:

Select "Cross-Registration Dates" on Harvard Course Catalog page

Then select the applicable Harvard school from the drop down menu:Select Harvard School from menu

Cross-registration dates are updated by the individual Harvard school. If there are any questions about the dates, please refer to the school’s website or contact the school’s Registrar’s Office directly.

To confirm Non-Harvard cross-registration dates students should check the MIT or Tufts website. Non-Harvard cross-registration dates are not updated in the course catalog.