Foreign Language & Undergraduate Courses

Foreign Language Courses

Students are permitted to cross-register for language courses but these credits will not count towards the fulfillment of any Harvard Chan School or department/program requirements, will not count towards the minimum credits required for completion of degrees, and will not count towards the maximum ordinal credits that can be taken in a degree program. In addition, these courses will not display on transcripts once a grade has been assigned.  Although these credits will not count towards the degree, the credits will count towards the per-term credit maximum. Students should carefully consider this option with their advisor. This is especially true for students in one year programs.

If the Registrar’s Office sees that a student has enrolled in a language course, they will change the course to a non-counting basis and inform the student, giving them the option to drop the course.

Exceptions to this policy may be requested through a general petition submitted to the Registrar to be reviewed by the CEP (CEP 11/2007).

Undergraduate Courses

HSPH students are not permitted to cross-register into undergraduate courses under any circumstances. A course is considered an undergraduate course if the Harvard Course Catalog listing shows the course level as: Primarily for Undergraduate or Undergraduate. Courses listed as: Graduate or Primarily for Graduate & Undergraduate are permitted.

If the Registers Office sees that an HSPH student has enrolled in an undergraduate course, they will inform the student that they have been dropped from the course. There are no appeals or exceptions to this policy. In some cases there may be an alternative graduate version of the same course listed in the course catalog that the student can enroll in instead.