Cross-Registration out of HSPH – Policies

  • HSPH enrollment deadlines must be adhered to first and foremost. During some sessions, cross-registered courses may have a separate deadlines than HSPH courses. The deadlines of other schools may also apply if they are before the HSPH deadline.
  • In order for cross-registered courses to count toward a Harvard Chan School degree and/or appear on a transcript, the courses:
    • Must be graduate-level
    • Must be relevant to the student’s degree program
    • Must be taken for pass/fail or ordinal credit. Auditing a course is NOT permitted
    • Must be approved by the student’s advisor and department
  • Cross-registration is NOT allowed at the undergraduate level, Harvard Extension, Summer school, and Radcliffe Seminar courses.
  • Students are permitted to cross-register for language courses but these credits will not count towards the fulfillment of any Harvard Chan School or department/program requirements, will not count towards the minimum credits required for completion of degrees, and will not count towards the maximum ordinal credits that can be taken in a degree program. In addition, these courses will not display on transcripts once a grade has been assigned.  Please see the full policy on the
    Foreign Language & Undergraduate Courses Student Knowledge Center page.
  • Harvard Chan Student must be enrolled in all cross-registered courses by the ‘Last Date to Enroll – HSPH Students’.  After this date all pending cross-registration petitions will be cancelled.
  • Harvard Chan School degree candidates can cross-register for a maximum of 1/2 of their total credits per semester. A student who wishes to cross-register for more than 1/2 of their total credits in a semester must submit a General Petition.
  • Students are not allowed to register for courses that create a time conflict nor register for ones that end and start within 1 minute of each other. HSPH assesses a time conflict based on the dates and times printed in the Harvard course catalog, not what an instructor may say about the course. Please note that there is occasionally overlap in session dates between HSPH and other schools, for which time conflict exceptions are not made.
  • Students are NOT allowed to petition for the cross-listing of a course that is also offered by HSPH.
  • The HSPH Registrar may drop a student from a course not permitted under school policy. An instructor or host school registrar cannot grant an exception that overrides this rule.