Enrolling in Labs in my.harvard

Students enrolling in courses with labs must enroll in both the lab and the lecture as separate courses in my.harvard.  Enrolling in one of these components will not automatically enroll you in the other.  It also means that students can add/drop/change enrollment in one without impacting enrollment in the other.  It is important to note that after the enrollment deadline, students who are not enrolled in both sections will be dropped from the course.

The process of enrolling in each component is the same as for any other HSPH course:

Step 1. Search for the course in the course number in the course catalog. Each lab or lecture section will have its own listing based on the date and time of the offering.

Click on the course title to view the full description (e.g. prerequisites, other course requirements, priority enrollment groups, grading basis etc.). Click Add to Crimson Cart.

Step 2. Select options for grading, units, sections and/or waitlist, if applicable. Click Next.

Step 3. Return to the Crimson Cart under Student Home to view your saved courses. Select a course and click Validate a course to see if additional steps are required before enrollment (e.g. submitting a petition, checking for holds, time conflicts). Click here to see more information about submitting petitions

Step 4. Select the course(s) and click Enroll.  At this time, students can place themselves on the waitlist for the section if: it is full, they are not in a priority enrollment group, or they are a non-HSPH student.

Students can confirm all the courses they are enrolled in under Enrolled Courses. Please note that my.harvard is the only official record of course enrollment. Students should be attending the lab section in which they are enrolled.

Step 5. To make changes to lab and lecture sections, students can use the features under Enrolled Courses.

To change a section, first drop the section that is no longer desired and then add the desired section from the crimson cart.  Students that needed to petition for the course can contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance in lab changes if they do not want to re-petition.

It is important to note that if a student is already enrolled in a lab section but on the waitlist for another lab section, they CANNOT get enrolled in the section they are on the waitlist for, even if a spot opens up. Trying to set up a swap or drop if enrolled switch will not work for lab changes. Students will need to drop themselves manually from the enrolled section in order for the waitlist to automatically enroll them in the waitlisted section a few minutes later if the spot is still available. The catalog listings contain numbers on available space in the sections.