Research Credits

Research sections are courses supervised by faculty. Students interested in taking one of these courses should reach out to the faculty they want to work with and discuss their intentions with their academic advisor and program head.

Click here to review the School’s full policy on Independent Studies/Research Courses, including work expectations to credit allotment.

How to enroll in a Research Section

Step 1. Find the course listing in the course catalog.  HSPH 350 level courses are research sections reserved for doctoral students who have passed their oral exam.  The correct course will have the student’s faculty listed and the desired semester/session.

If a student doesn’t see a research course listing with their faculty, they should contact the associated department’s academic administrator.

Step 2. When adding the course to the crimson cart, select the number of credits desired. Credit selection should be done at this time as it is difficult to edit later and cannot be adjusted after the add/drop deadline.

Step 3. Submit a petition for the course. This will go to the supervising faculty.

Step 4. Don’t forget to finish enrolling when the petition has been approved! Click Enroll. Enrollment in the course is not finalized without this step.