HSPH holds can block certain actions like enrollment or accessing grades. Below are some of the most common holds, how to clear them and who to contact with questions. Many of these can be viewed and completed by going to the my.harvard homepage and scrolling down to the ‘To Do’ list and ‘Holds’ Section

Type of Hold Impact How to Clear Who to Contact 
Check-in Hold Blocks Enrollment Complete/verify info in ‘To Do’ list. Must be done every semester HSPH Registrar
Title IX Mandatory Modules Hold Blocks Enrollment Complete the Title IX Module in ‘To Do’ list HSPH Student Affairs
Financial Agreement Hold Blocks Enrollment Complete the Financial Agreement document in ‘To-Do List’ Student Accounts
Immunization Hold Blocks Enrollment Submit Immunizations  to Harvard University Health Services Portal Harvard University Health Services
HIO Hold Blocks Enrollment Work with the Harvard International Office on visa related registration Harvard International Office
Financial Hold Blocks Enrollment, Transcript & Diploma Release Check student accounts page on my.harvard for outstanding tuition/fees and complete payment Student Accounts for billing or payment plan

HSPH Financial Aid for aid or sponsorship

HSPH Registrar for tuition status

Course Evaluations Hold Prevents access to viewing grades Complete course evaluations Office of Education
Advisor Enrollment Approval Hold Meet with advisor at start of the semester for enrollment review Advisor
Transcript  Hold Blocks Enrollment Submit Transcripts from Previous Academic Institutions HSPH Admissions
Graduating Student Exit Survey Blocks Transcript & Diploma Release Schedule a Meeting with Financial Services Office HSPH Financial Aid
Doctoral Timetable Hold Blocks Enrollment For Doctoral Students to complete milestones HSPH Registrar
Admissions General Hold Blocks Enrollment View checklist items in my.harvard portal for details HSPH Admissions
Additional Math Course Hold Blocks Enrollment View checklist items in my.harvard portal for details HSPH Admissions
Math Review Hold Blocks Enrollment after orientation Attend math review during orientation HSPH Admissions
Degree Conferral Hold Blocks Enrollment Submit final transcript or diploma from previous academic institutions HSPH Admissions
Physical Location Hold Blocks Enrollment Complete the Physical Location Address in ‘To-Do List’ HSPH Registrar
Confirmation of Attendance Hold Blocks Enrollment Complete the Attendance Confirmation in ‘To-Do List’ HSPH Registrar