Disordered Eating, Body Image & Community Mental Health in Malaysia

On Wednesday, April 7, 2021, STRIPED Visiting Scholar Dr. Sook Ning Chua gave a talk titled “Disordered Eating, Body Image & Community Mental Health in Malaysia” at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. We would like to thank the Interdisciplinary Program in Population Mental Health for co-sponsoring this event with us. See below for the recording of this event.

Speaker bio

Dr. Sook Ning Chua is the founder of Relate Malaysia – a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the provision of mental health services, education, training and advocacy since 2015. As a clinical psychologist, international researcher and educator, Sook has an extensive body of research publications and has shared her expertise across a wide range of subjects at conferences worldwide, from Singapore to the Netherlands and Canada. Her research interests include motivation, self-regulation, and mental health interventions. Sook is collaborating with STRIPED on a number of research projects, including estimating prevalence rates of eating disorders in Singapore and Malaysia, and disordered weight control behaviors, cosmetic surgery and use of skin lightening products in Asia. As an eating disorders specialist and renowned mental health advocate, Sook has been a sought-after speaker over the past 10 years, appearing on radio and in print media, as well as delivering three TEDx Talks since 2017. A clinician who practices in Singapore and Malaysia, Sook is recognized as a driven and determined thought leader in psychology throughout Southeast Asia, motivated by a desire to raise the standard of mental health on an individual, organizational, and societal level.