Social Media Algorithm Auditing

Social media has emerged over the last several decades as both an invaluable resource and a source of harm to youth. With the rise in social media use among youth and the increase in social media platforms’ use of deceptive design techniques, there is growing concern about the harms of these platforms to the mental health and wellbeing of youth.

To address this we’ve developed model legislation, a supporting guide, and fact sheets to help advocates create safer online spaces for youth. Our Roadmap provides practical guidance for policymakers and advocates to mandate independent algorithm risk audits and promote transparency on social media platforms, paving the way for a healthier digital environment for youth. Whether you’re a lawmaker, advocate, or simply interested in positive change, our tools will provide you with the resources you need to make a difference in the lives of youth.

Roadmap, Model Legislation, and Fact Sheets

  • Fact Sheet: Economic Drivers
    • A one-page outline of our simulation study, which estimated the significant annual ad revenue generated from youth social media users in the US to highlight the need for government regulation given platforms’ lack of transparency and incentive to self-regulate and protect children online.
  • Fact Sheet: Legal Arguments
    • A one-page outline of the legal arguments in support of third-party risk audits to increase transparency and accountability of social media algorithms’ effects on promoting harmful content to youth users.
  • News Summaries
    • A collection of news stories that report on the negative impacts social media has had on youth mental health and well-being.


Other STRIPED Social Media Resources