Other Policy Translation Work

CDC Eating Disorders Health Monitoring Project

STRIPED is leading a collaboration of national organizations, including the Academy for Eating Disorders, Eating Disorders Coalition, and the National Eating Disorders Association, to urge the CDC to include survey questions to track eating disorders across the country and to spot the early signs and symptoms. Once eating disorders are on the CDC’s radar and included in the agency’s national health surveillance surveys, we will be much more prepared to develop an appropriate and effective public health response.

Global Policy Scan

Dietary supplements sold for weight loss negatively impacts the health and wellbeing of individuals around the world. It is now increasingly critical to have established policies that guarantee a product’s safety and efficacy. To this end, STRIPED launched a recent initiative to create a database of federal policies towards weight-loss supplements. This global policy scan will identify how federal governments around the world regulate dietary supplements sold for weight-loss.

Massachusetts House Bill no. 201

This legislation would require training for physicians and physician assistants in early detection, diagnosis, and referral for eating disorders. View STRIPED’s letter of support here.