Welcome, policymakers, to the STRIPED Advocacy Playbook!

Policymakers like you have the power to write a prescription for body confidence for all children by passing legislation to reduce the harmful impact of products and marketing practices and discrimination that are damaging to physical and mental health. You can do what doctors and hospitals cannot: You can literally change the environment in which we raise our children.

Most likely, you have some idea of the kind of law you would like to pass. Maybe you want to prevent the sale of weight-loss supplements and muscle-building supplements to kids. Maybe you want to create incentives to get businesses to end the practice of digitally distorting photographs to alter body shape, size, or skin shade. Or maybe you have something different in mind. Whatever kind of policy change you are seeking, this Playbook will help you map out a winning plan. 

Before jumping in, we wanted to level-set by offering some definitions that we will be using throughout the Playbook. You’ll see that we refer to the term “body confidence” throughout. We chose this affirmative description for the sake of consistency, but recognize that there are other terms that may work better for you and your campaign.

The language changes from time to time and different regions may prefer different terms. Please adjust your messaging to reflect the terms that best fit your campaign. See our Glossary of Terms.

Ready to get started on a campaign? Click here to view model legislation and other resources, and learn how to put the STRIPED Playbook to work!

At STRIPED, we used the Power Prism® advocacy framework and we have included many of the Power Prism® tools and guidance into this playbook with enthusiastic support from its creators at My Power People LLC. The Power Prism® is a step-by-step plan that will help you recognize and act on opportunities to build momentum in a campaign for change.