Welcome to the STRIPED Advocacy Playbook!

Kids today are growing up in a digital world that constantly bombards them with unrealistic and biased body and beauty ideals. This online influence can lead to very real offline threats to children’s health. While girls are at particular risk, no kid is immune. That is why our kids need a new front line of defense from harmful body and beauty ideals, one that stays ahead of the health threats by tackling both cause and effect.

While we can’t legislate body confidence, we can change laws to make it harder for children to be targeted by empty promises of underregulated diet pills and dietary supplements, sexist and racist digital distortion of body size, shape, and skin shade in ad images, and discrimination based on size and shape.  That’s where you come in!

The STRIPED Advocacy Playbook uses tried and true strategies to make it easy for community champions like you to succeed. It is designed for first-time change-makers and veterans alike. From model policy to lawmaker meeting tips, we have resources to help you plan and manage your campaign for social change and health equity. Click here to learn more about STRIPED, the STRIPED Advocacy Playbook team, the Playbook funders, and collaborating organizations. Click here for STRIPED Director Bryn Austin’s welcome to the Playbook. 

Click here for a quick introduction to the Playbook, a sneak peak of what’s inside, and a video of our official launch of the Playbook.

This Playbook has valuable information for advocates, public health professionals, and policymakers. Click below to find the path that best meets your needs.