California AB 1576

In January 2018, California Assembly Member Marc Levine introduced AB 1576 to protect the health of professional fashion models working in California. The bill, which builds on CA AB 2539 from the previous legislative session, addresses the problem of eating disorders and sexual harassment in the fashion industry by requiring talent agencies to provide sexual harassment prevention and health standards training programs to employees, actors, models, and other entertainers .

AB 1576 will not only take a much needed step toward protecting the safety, health, and wellbeing of models, but also will change the messages girls and young women receive about what our society values.

News Update: We are delighted to report that on January 11, 2018, CA AB 1576 passed unanimously and with bipartisan support in the California Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment. The bill will now continue working its way through the California Assembly. Stay tuned for more updates!

STRIPED’s Letter of Support for AB 1576