Decision-Maker Advocacy

How many times have we all heard the expression “do your homework?” It could not be more apropos than when describing what we need to do before we reach out to key decision-makers who have the power to give us what we want in the legislative or regulatory arena. Lawmakers who chair a committee that your bill may be assigned to or hold a legislative leadership position have a powerful role in your campaign. These key decision-makers have the ability to support and accelerate bills or stop them altogether. Walking into a lawmaker’s office without having done homework on who they are and what they care about is a lost opportunity to make a meaningful connection. You do not need to spend hours; just a few minutes online can help you find promising ‘pathways of influence’, including:

Finding a way to connect through these details is a positive way to have a memorable conversation with a lawmaker or their staff.

Click here for a helpful worksheet on how you can find ‘pathways of influence.’