Lobbying Considerations: Additional Resources

A favorite resource for lobbying laws is Bolder Advocacy at the Alliance for Justice . You can also ask your city or state government what the lobbying laws are and make sure you follow them.

Tips for Avoiding Electioneering

    • If you have invited a lawmaker or candidate to speak at one of your events, provide them with written guidelines that expressly prohibit them from talking about their campaign in that setting.
    • Let them know that they cannot wear buttons, hats, t-shirts or anything else at the event that might imply your organization supports that candidate.
    • You can thank your lawmaker champions for their work on behalf of your organization and can encourage your grassroots advocates to also thank them. But your organization cannot encourage others to vote for your champion or to support their campaign.
    • The same is true of your opponents. Non-profits are not allowed to tell people who to oppose or vote against.
    • Do not share your advocate contact lists with any candidate.