Some Skin in the Game: Negotiating the End of a Campus Health Menace

Synopsis: Fictitious Colburn University boasts many “amenities” for its students, including cafes, a gymnasium, and U.V. tanning salon Campus Tans. Meredith Tang, a law student originally from Australia, and Barbara Holly, a public health student, cannot believe that this insidious industry has infiltrated campus life and worse yet seems to be promoted by the school, or at least is allowed to advertise on campus. Soon these students turned activists begin a campaign to evict the salon; however, they quickly discover that evicting Campus Tans may not be as easy as they thought. As the story ends, the student activists sit down to a meeting with school officials and the owner of the salon to negotiate an agreement that protects the health of Colburn students while balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders.

Skills: In this case students learn crucial skills in strategic negotiation to address complex public health problems.

Narrative Document for Students

Lesson Plan for Teachers