What Our Trainees Say About STRIPED

“I am researching the harmful effects of social media on adolescent mental health with a team of public health and legal researchers. As an undergraduate, new to public health research, I am grateful that STRIPED has given me this opportunity like no  other to advocate for the safety and wellness of my peers.” – Dunni Ojumu


“Through STRIPED, I am working with incredible mentors to evaluate inequities in harmful “wellness” supplements. Thanks to STRIPED, I have had unparalleled exposure to eating disorder research and have learned how I can leverage equity-focused research to drive policy solutions. I feel empowered to make further
contributions to this research area” – Destiny Jackson


“I have been working with a multidisciplinary team to develop the first global policy scan on weight-loss supplement regulation. Thanks to STRIPED, I have been able to leverage my training as a pharmacist and diverse experience to contribute significantly to the project and grow immensely as a project manager” – Funmbi Okoya


“With the invaluable guidance of STRIPED mentors, I have been researching  weight discrimination and working on advocacy efforts for the passage of legislation to make body size discrimination illegal in Massachusetts. I have learned so much from the STRIPED team and am grateful that they have empowered me to be an advocate for progressive legislation” – Rachel Plummer


“STRIPED connects people with a shared passion for prevention. Given the limited
resources for eating disorder prevention in China, my goal was to adapt an internet
prevention program for universities attuned to the unique sociocultural forces there. I’m so grateful to be able to connect with people on the frontlines of eating disorder prevention through STRIPED.” – Tammy Yan


“Collaborating with the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association, I designed and
modeled a program evaluation for their pilot telemental health program seeking to
increase access for those affected by eating disorders. As a future mental health professional, I am so grateful to STRIPED for providing me the mentorship, resources, and networking to pursue an enriching project for my MPH. ” – Todd Liou


“After struggling with an eating disorder for eight years, STRIPED gave me a voice and fueled my commitment to ensuring behavioral health equity. Through STRIPED, I have engaged in evidence-based public health advocacy and policy translation  research that aims to promote healthy body image and prevent eating disorders and other harmful weight control behaviors.  ” – Bree Wilhite


“STRIPED is forging  new frontiers in addressing the dangers of dietary supplements for weight loss. I am working on a first-of-its -kind content analysis of social media data to analyze how people discuss and use these dangerous products. I’m excited to be on the frontlines of research that will pave the way for public health surveillance and policy changes to keep kids safe.” – Kendall Sharp


“Researchers are often convinced we need to impartially rely on available data. Yet
without regular surveillance, the data we need may not exist and we may miss critical trends. Working on STRIPED’s CDC Eating Disorders Monitoring Project has taught me tangible strategies to advocate for inclusion of neglected health topics in our national monitoring systems.” – Supriya Misra


“STRIPED gave me the opportunity to engage in policy translation research and public
health advocacy to protect youth from dangerous dietary supplements. I had the
unique experience of hearing the health concerns of local communities and converting this knowledge into tailored advocacy strategies. I look forward to applying these skills in serving my community in Kazakhstan” – Kuanysh Yergaliyev


“STRIPED has provided an invaluable opportunity to take what I’m learning in the classroom out into the real world, to work on issues I’m passionate about, and to broaden the scope and depth of my knowledge in eating disorders prevention and mental health policy. I’m extremely grateful that STRIPED has been part of my experience at the Harvard Chan School” – Katelyn Ferreira


“Working on the Out of Kids’ Hands Campaign has given me a new perspective on the meaning of public health. I have worked alongside a team of change-makers to  advocate for policy shifts based on scientific research and have built relationships with leaders in eating disorder prevention. I am grateful for my time with STRIPED and look forward to continuing this work.” – Monica Kriete


“STRIPED’s digital learning project is inspiring because it harnesses emerging technology to make eating disorders prevention training available to a broader audience. Working with wonderful experts across different disciplines has motivated me to think critically and creatively about how to make a positive impact on prevention.” – Marysa Sheren


“STRIPED is a unique program in the way that it combines rigorous public health research training with hands-on policy impact. Lobbying on Capitol Hill with Dr. Austin reshaped how I view public health. STRIPED’s work on the comparative cost-effectiveness of eating disorders prevention strategies has the potential to improve the lives of countless individuals. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with STRIPED as a trainee.” – Cindy Hu


Anvita“I enjoyed working as a STRIPED trainee because it offered me a lot of valuable mentorship and exposed me to translational research. Through my work with STRIPED, I was able to meet people in a variety of fields that I am also interested in. I learned how these different spheres intersect and how I can get involved with my own work.” – Anvita Kulkarni


Kate Makaroff “STRIPED and everyone involved is truly making a difference in the prevention of eating disorders. My training via STRIPED will inform my career aspirations in medicine and health policy through a greater understanding of interdisciplinary approaches to addressing and solving difficult health issues.” – Kate Makaroff



Brigitte Granger for STRIPED website“Being part of STRIPED was a wonderful and enriching experience. I had the chance to develop research skills as well as having many opportunities to learn from STRIPED’s network of professionals in the field. STRIPED is made up of passionate individuals who recognize the complexity of negative body image and disordered eating behavior and are paving the way for innovative public health solutions.” – Brigitte Granger


Samantha Glover“STRIPED has given me a unique opportunity to apply my legal skills to a problem pervasive in our society. Through STRIPED I have explored issues dealing with how the fashion industry contributes to eating disorders in models and what can be done to correct this issue—and as a result, perhaps change the face of beauty we see every day.” – Samantha Glover


“STLeAnn Noh for websiteRIPED has offered me a truly unique and rewarding opportunity to use my skills to contribute to the issues of eating disorders. Working closely with the faculty and peer fellows has opened my eyes to various approaches to this critical public health problem. I hope I can translate the inspiration and skills I have acquired to help solve the problem of eating disorders in Korea as well.”- LeAnn Noh


Katherine Cohen Dec 2012

“STRIPED gave me a unique opportunity to approach eating disorders and unhealthy body image prevention from an innovative and multidisciplinary perspective.  Through my projects, I’ve learned not only how vulnerable groups, like adolescents, are targeted with misleading images and information about cosmetic procedures, but also I’ve learned a lot about what lawmakers could do to protect these groups and prevent harm. STRIPED is doing great work calling attention to cutting edge public health issues.” – Katherine Cohen



“I love everything about STRIPED! It’s fun, full of exciting opportunities to get involved and work with fabulous people. STRIPED pulls together a wide variety of fields, creating a dynamic and integrated space to discuss issues of bodies, food, weight, and appearance. My experience with STRIPED studying beauty industries and body image gave me a valuable chance to explore what I really care about.” – Boram Seo



“My STRIPED practicum working with the Massachusetts state legislature was a fantastic and unique opportunity. Not only was I given the chance to work with talented and inspirational individuals, but the practicum also opened my eyes to crucial eating disorder policy issues. The practicum was truly a wonderful experience and has helped shape my future career plans in health policy and management.”- Elisabeth Malin