Check out these STRIPED-related podcasts below:

Pay attention to eating disorders, be aware of our relationship with food – Just Saying 多说两句: Episode 13 [In Mandarin]

In this special Women’s Day episode, STRIPED Visiting Scholar Wanqing Xu, SM, discusses eating disorder treatment and prevention resources in China. Discussion points includeeating disorder vs. disordered eating, and the prevalence of eating disorders in China.

Wanqing Xu also appears on two episodes of eating disorder advocate and influencer 少女神婆婆 video podcast:

Body positivity & body neutrality – 少女神婆婆 video podcast [In Mandarin]

The discussion centers around body positivity and body neutrality. Wanqing and host explore terminology and social movements around this topic, and provide tips on how to apply the mindset of body neutrality or body positivity in everyday daily life.

How academia can empower the broadcast of eating disorders – 少女神婆婆 video podcast [In Mandarin]

Wanqing and host discuss the opportunities for collaboration between social media and academia in the field of eating disorders, and how to deal with the knowledge gap between social media influencers and eating disorder researchers. 

“Eating Disorders: Prevention, Treatment, and  Recovery” – 51% Podcast

STRIPED Director, Dr. Austin and STRIPED Youth Corps Member, Joanne Chung discuss the costs of eating disorders, treatment, and prevention with 51% podcast host, Jesse King.

“Economics of Eating Disorders.” – Bad with Money

NYT-bestselling author and Bad with Money podcast host Gaby Dunn talks to Harvard’s Dr. S Bryn Austin of STRIPED about the economic costs of eating disorders and actress Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn 99, In The Heights) about her own disordered eating and the financial costs it has had on her real life. 

“We’re better off when we unstick the stereotypes around eating disorders”- Better Off Podcast 

STRIPED Director Dr. Austin talks with Better Off podcast host Anna Fisher-Pinkert on the enormous cost of eating disorders to the US economy and share insights on what we could achieve if we applied the power of public health solve our society’s problems with fat-shaming, the dieting industry, and the stickiness of stereotypes.

“The Cost of Eating Disorders with Professor Bryn Austin”- The Body Protest

The Body Protest hosts, Dr. Nadia Craddock and Honey Ross talk with STRIPED Director Dr. Bryn Austin about the cost of eating disorders, the need to change the narrative on eating disorder stereotypes, and how just naming the stereotypes serves to perpetuate them. 

“Why Should I Be a “Citizen Parent”?” The Full Bloom Podcast.

STRIPED Director Dr. Bryn Austin discusses why policy matters when it comes to helping our kids fully bloom, and what parents can do to fight the thin ideal – and all of its nasty consequences – at the macro level in this episode of The Full Bloom Podcast. 

“How does gender identity intersect with body positivity?” The Full Bloom Podcast.

In this episode of The Full Bloom Podcast, Post-doctoral STRIPED Researcher Dr. Allegra Gordon and clinician, LB Moore talk about gender and body positivity from a clinical and lived experience perspective. 

“Gender identity, body image, and eating disorders” – Appearance Matters: The Podcast.

Post-doctoral STRIPED Researcher Dr. Allegra Gordon talks with Appearance Matters podcast hosts, Nadia and Jade on why trans individuals are at higher risk of eating disorders. 

“Sexual orientation, body image, and eating disorders” – Appearance Matters: The Podcast.

STRIPED Collaborating Mentor Dr. Jerel Calzo discusses research showing that individuals identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual might be at higher risk for body image concerns and eating disorders with Appearance Matters podcast hosts, Nadia and Jade. 

“Eating Disorders, Body Image and Public Health with Professor Bryn Austin” – Appearance Matters: The Podcast.

STRIPED Director Dr. Bryn Austin sheds light on appearance concerns from a public health perspective on this episode of Appearance Matters with podcast hosts, Nadia and Jade. 

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