Putting the STRIPED Advocacy Playbook to work

This Playbook can help pass policy to give our kids a new front line of defense from harmful body and beauty ideals, one that stays ahead of the health threats by tackling both cause and effect.

Effective advocacy takes practice, but it’s worth the effort. It can take many years to pass statewide laws and the goal is to get a little closer with each legislative session. We hope these tools and the guidance in this Playbook prepares you for success. Your campaign plan starts here.

Below are our campaigns with supporting materials for you to get started:

Over-the-Counter Diet Pills & Muscle Supplements: Ban Sale to Children

Over-the-Counter Diet Pills: Excise Tax

Digitally Altered Advertisements

Ban on Body Size Discrimination

CROWN Act: Ban Natural Hair Style Discrimination

Over-the-Counter Laxatives: Ban Sale to Children

Prohibit the Sale and Use of  Liquid Silicone for Cosmetic Injections

Promote Eating Disorders Prevention in Schools

Final Thoughts

We, at STRIPED, would love to hear about your advocacy campaign along the way so we can share lessons learned with other advocates. We are all in this together and what works in Boston may just as well in Baton Rouge!

Please reach out with comments, questions, and suggestions at striped@hsph.harvard.edu. And thank you for your willingness to use your political power to improve the lives of others.

For more information on the Power Prism®, please contact My Power People, LLC.

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