STRIPED Advocacy Campaigns

STRIPED is engaged in advocacy campaigns to create healthier environments that promote body confidence in girls, boys, and people of all genders. Some of the campaigns below are informed directly by STRIPED research, and some address social justice and body confidence issues we fully support and are led by others. We create opportunities for public health students and adolescent medicine trainees to learn the craft of research-to-policy translation through hands-on experience in impactful community-based advocacy on issues they care about.

Over-the-Counter Diet Pills & Muscle Supplements: Ban Sale to Children

Over-the-Counter Diet Pills: Excise Tax

Stop Digitally Altered Ad Images

Ban on Body Size Discrimination

CROWN Act: Ban Natural Hair Style Discrimination 

Over-the-Counter Laxatives: Ban Sale to Children

Prohibit the Sale and Use of  Liquid Silicone for Cosmetic Injections

Promote Eating Disorders Prevention in Schools