Teaching Cases

Working with professional case writer Eric Weinberger, the STRIPED team has developed a series of new teaching cases designed to engage students in real-world dilemmas, problem-solving, and teamwork to tackle current, high-impact issues in eating disorders prevention. The complete list of STRIPED teaching cases are below. All STRIPED teaching cases are free to download for teachers to use in their classrooms.

Learn more about STRIPED’s unique approach to case-method teaching.

 Coloring the Narrative: How to Use Storytelling to Create Social Change in Skin Tone Ideals

Patina of Glamour: Forging Alliances to Investigate the Underside of the Fashion Industry

Full of Surprises: Dietary Supplements and the Gym, or, a Tale of Corporate Social Responsibility

Weighing the Evidence: One University Takes a Hard Look at Disordered Eating Among Athletes

Some Skin in the Game: Negotiating the End of a Campus Health Menace

Beauty and the Breast: Mobilizing Community Action to Take on the Beauty Industry

“The Governor Is Very Interested”: Or, Cost-Effectiveness Analysis for School Health Screenings

“Retweet Does Not Imply Endorsement”: The Logic of Cyberbullying in Schools

Who’s Calling Me Fat? Or, How Columbia Got Its Obesity Prevention Campaign Back on Track


We’d love to know if you are thinking of using our STRIPED teaching cases in your classroom. Drop us a line to let us know or to ask any questions about the teaching case: monique.santoso@childrens.harvard.edu