Guidance on how to approach your meeting with lawmakers

To schedule meetings with lawmakers, look up their contact information. In some cities and states, lawmakers have full-time staff to help schedule meetings, but in others, you may be contacting the lawmaker directly (which could be during dinner or when they are putting their kids to bed). Be patient and respectful and ask for a good time to talk. Make sure to share your own contact info so they can get back to you easily.

In your meetings, make sure to:

If your lead sponsors do have staff, get to know them. Staff can be your best and quickest source of information. They can keep you up to speed on the legislative process, help you strategize, and alert you to any threats that weaken your bill. Even if you do have a scheduled meeting with a lawmaker, their schedules change quickly so you may meet with staff. This is still a great opportunity, as staff inform views on legislation!