Ways to engage colleagues as influencers

  • Develop a robust co-sponsor list. Ensuring you have a robust list of co-sponsors for the legislation you are supporting can be helpful. Asking your sponsors to jointly sign on to a letter to a committee chair or other key decision-maker can be influential.
  • Set up caucus meetings. Caucus meetings can be great ways for your sponsors to bring attention to this issue with the key decision-maker. Many caucuses could have an interest in body confidence-related issues – including a Mental Health Caucus, Public Health Caucus, Children’s Caucus, LGBTQ Caucus, Black & Latino Caucus, or Women’s Caucus, to name a few. Find out which caucuses exist, if any, and ask your sponsor if the subject matter is of interest. Offer to present information to the caucus at a meeting. If you are able to meet with the Caucus, ask them if they will endorse the proposed legislation. If they become endorsers, let key decision-makers know these important legislative groups are on board!