Out of Kids’ Hands HB1195

One of STRIPED’s policy translation initiatives is the Out of Kids’ Hands campaign.

The Out of Kids’ Hands campaign supports An Act Protecting Children From Harmful Diet Pills and Muscle-Building Supplements (Massachusetts HB1195), which was filed by Massachusetts State Representative Kay Khan (D-Newton) in January 2017. If passed, this bill would limit the sale of diet pills and muscle-building supplements to adults 18 years and older and would require stores and pharmacies to keep these products behind the counter. Adults 18 years and older would be free to purchase these products by asking pharmacy staff or a store supervisor for help. This bill would help to keep these potentially dangerous diet pills and muscle-building supplements out of the hands of our youth.

During our September 14th advocacy day, we met with Massachusetts lawmakers from across the state to educate them about the dangers of diet pills and muscle-building supplements and ask for their support as we work to ensure the safety and health of our youth!

Check out STRIPED’s 6-video training series on how providers can discuss
dietary supplements to keep patients safe.

Update on this initiative!

Unfortunately, H. 1195 has officially received a “study order” from the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Health, which means that it will not be going any further through the legislative process this session. While this was not the news we were hoping for, we are in a great place to begin work on the next, new and improved version of this bill! We will continue to meet with legislators and the broader community to work towards a solution to the sale of dangerous diet pills and muscle-building supplements to children. Thank you to all who have supported us in this journey so far! Please stay tuned for updates on what our next steps will be.

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Please contact Jordan Levinson at jordan.levinson@childrens.harvard.edu for more information.